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About us, and other FAQs

Hi! If you're looking for our official FAQs, you can click on the link here to find it.


About us, and other Forcefully Answered Questions

What is Kaiten Zushi?

The concept behind Kaiten Zushi was formulated in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the cancellation of many anime/manga/gaming related conventions and events. Through our work, we had known several illustrators who, because of this, were unable to bring their artwork out to the market. We thought this was a big shame, and reached out to them for collaborations. We were pretty surprised to find that the idea was received warmly by many. Hence, Kaiten Zushi was formed. 

Kaiten Zushi? What does that mean?

We came up with Kaiten Zushi (快天図誌) as a pun on kaiten sushi (回転寿司), which is more popularly anglicized/translated as the conveyor belt/revolving sushi format for sushi restaurants. We feel that this is in line with our goal to bring different types of artwork to you on a rotational basis, and keep up with ongoing, maybe slightly off-mainstream anime/manga/gaming trends in Japan. 

Is the art original?

Yes, all of our artwork is procured directly from either the artist or through an agent/representative. Additionally, we adopt a profit sharing model here to ensure that the artist will receive a part every sale from this collaboration. Furthermore we would like to ensure that no animals were harmed in the production of these arts. They are also gluten-free, but we strongly recommend against oral intake/consumption of any of our products.

"I seen that before on the artist's twitter!"?

Yes, we are releasing these artworks in high resolution print format. 

What are NFTs? 

To be honest, we're not the experts at blockchain, and as we understand, the topic can become a little complex, so if you are interested, please refer to articles here or here to get a full explanation.

Concisely, NFTs are digital copies of artwork that is stored within a blockchain, and are traded with currency of the corresponding blockchain. Kaiten Zushi drops NFTs at, and our NFTs are listed in ETH. We plan to mint limited numbers of these digital copies (50?) for sale, and we employ similar profit sharing models as our physical posters. NFTs are typically minted in extremely low quantities and never re-minted again and as such, bear value as a collector's item. 

To make our digital artwork more distinctive, we have added subtle animations to existing artwork. However, this means that the artwork will have to be minted in .mp4 format with the h.624 compressor. 

Will we be able to buy any of these in person?

Yes, eventually. We aim to attend major conventions in USA after the pandemic. We'll keep you posted on our socials and we hope to see you there! 

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I have a question! How can I reach out to you?

You can reach us at info[at]kaiten-zushi[dot]com! We will try to get back to you as soon as we can!