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Welcome to Kaiten Zushi

For our first time visitors, thanks for stopping by! Here at Kaiten Zushi, we are collaborating with illustrators to bring anime-inspired illustrations and artwork to its global audience. In 2022, depending on the state of the pandemic, we're aiming to stop by a couple anime conventions, so we hope to see you there!

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I know we've been out for a while... Thanks for waiting! We're back in business!

Apologies to those who have been visiting our website, but we've been busy with re-stocking following our tabling at AnimeNYC and Anime Frontier! We're re-launching in 2022 with our refreshed inventory!

For those that stopped by our booth to say hi... Thanks for coming by! We hope you guys had a great X'mas and New Years! It was great to see you all, and we'll like to thank you again for making our convention successful!

Our Collaborators

Essentia/Takuya Fujima/藤真拓哉

Known for his involvement with the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, Takuya Fujima is a character designer, illustrator and mangaka from Tokyo, Japan. His work, “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid” received an anime adaption 2015. Fujima's other works include: ViVid Strike!, R-15 and Black Bullet, Warlords of Sigrdrifa.

Essentia is the name of Fujima's doujin circle for events around Japan, such as Comiket. As Essentia he publishes fan art of characters from his favorite anime, game and manga.


One of the most popular circles in Comiket and other major events in Japan, you can always expect an empty, sold out Yan-Yam booth before noon. Known for his portrayal of alluring, mature "onee-san" characters, Yan-Yam has been contributing the popular magazine "Penguin Club" since 2015.

Apart tabling at dojin events, Yan-Yam is also involved in the character designs for the mobile game ""Thousand Year War Aegis", as well as contributing insert art for the popular love comedy novel "29 Years old and JK"